Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Health Science offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Public Health. This degree prepares students for work as public health professionals who help ensure the health and safety of individuals, families, and communities. Students can choose from four emphasis areas.

Emphasis Areas

Explaining Health Science Public health students can choose to address health issues by selecting one of four areas of study (emphases):
  1. Epidemiology - investigates causes of disease and disability across populations
  2. Health Promotion - facilitates behavior change and improves population health through policy, programs, and education
  3. Environmental/Occupational Health - identifies and controls environmental factors or workplace conditions which affect health
  4. Health Science - trains students to work in public health after earning an advanced degree in a medical, dental, or other allied health area

Required Coursework

Choosing which courses to take in any given semester or term can be challenging. Typically 100-level through 300-level required courses should be taken early in the major. 400-level required courses are often more rigorous and should be reserved until a student's junior or senior year. Elective courses may be taken at any time during the major.

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